David McKee

Ivy’s Guest Book: Camilla Ferrell, Owner, Pretty & Cookie

Pretty & CookieTell us a little bit about yourself and your family

My name is Camilla. I’m married and have two boys, Freddie & Theo aged 4 ½ & 2 ½ – I live in Uxbridge, near Bucks and I’m a work-at-home-Mum. I have my own baking business, decorating cookies and I supply cakes to local cafes.

What are your sons’ favourite books?

My sons have their favourites, ‘The Book With No Pictures’ by BJ Novak – it’s so funny, they love me making silly noises and saying funny words. They also love ‘Not Now, Bernard’ by David McKee – it’s such a short, simple story but they always feel sad for Bernard and I think they wonder what happens to him. My youngest loves Nursery Rhymes, so we sing those a lot, plus the ‘That’s Not My…’ series was fab when they were both younger. They always “read” it themselves and remember the words by feeling the material on each page.

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Ivy’s Guest Book: Marcela Ferreira AKA S.E. Sussed

S.E. SussedTell us a little bit about yourself and your family

My name is Marcela, I am a mum of two (Izzy 8, and George 6) and wife of one.  I am an aspiring children’s writer and though I have nabbed a great agent, I am yet to have my stories published (here is hoping).

What is your son/daughter’s favourite book?

We read a lot at our house, so favourites change all the time.  I asked the kids what their favourites are right now, and this is what they said:

My daughter’s is Jake Atlas, by Rob Lloyd Jones: “because it’s adventurous”.  Jake Atlas is Indiana Jones for kids, inspired by the author’s own experiences as an Egyptologist.  His previous books, the ‘Wild Boy’ series are fantastic (and take place in Victorian London). I was lucky enough to meet Rob, and he is a brilliant story teller in person too – I highly recommend his books.

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Not Now, Bernard By David McKee

Not Now, BernardWe love this rather dark tale about the perils of not giving your children your full attention. Ivy always laughs at the repetition of the titular phrase and the dark humour definitely appeals to me.

It tells the story of a little boy who finds a monster in his garden and tries to tell his parents but they’re too busy to pay any attention. He attempts to befriend the monster but instead gets gobbled up.

The monster then enters the house, eats the boy’s dinner, reads his comics, plays with his toys and even sleeps in his bed – and the parents don’t notice a thing!

Definitely a case for social services if this was real life!

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2xoIBGW