Mark Sperring

The Most Wonderful Gift In The World
by Mark Sperring & Lucy Fleming

When Esme and Bear finish opening their Christmas presents they are surprised to discover one last gift hidden away at the back of tree. It’s a small box wrapped in red paper with a beautiful golden bow. Who could it be for?

The tag reveals that the intended recipient is Little Bunny Boo-Boo – but they don’t now who that is! Saddened by the prospect of someone missing out on a gift, they pull on their hats and coats and head out in to the snow. Fortunately they spot a sign for Little Bunny Boo-Boo’s house straight away but it looks like the journey might be a tiny bit tricky….

First they have to slip and slide down a treacherous path and then they have to walk through a howling gale. When they come to a deep snow drift they consider giving up but they know in their hearts that they need to get the gift to its rightful owner.

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Never Take A Bear To School
by Mark Sperring & Britta Teckentrup

If your child is wary of leaving you behind on their first day of school or nursery then this funny story might help calm their nerves.

There is one big rule when it comes to school – Do Not Take Your Bear. Why? Because bears just aren’t designed for the classroom! They cause panic in the playground, they’re far too big for the chairs and they gobble up all the food at lunchtime.

And you really wouldn’t want that level of mayhem on your first day of school because then you’d miss out on all the fun. A bear would distract you from making new friends, painting colourful pictures, doing your sums and listening to your teacher tell you a beautiful story.

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Princess Scallywag And The Brave, Brave Knight By Mark Sperring & Claire Powell

I naturally gravitate towards stories with strong female characters and this quirky book turns the usual princess/knight dynamic upside down.

The kingdom is plagued by dragons and appears to be in need of a brave knight to solve the problem.

An enterprising young knight appears and the queen tells him that if he can get rid of the dragons then he may have her daughter’s hand in marriage.

The knight is horrified saying he’s heard disgusting things about how stinky and mean the princess is and he wouldn’t marry her in a million years.

The queen is angered and tells the nearest dragon that he will just have to marry her instead. Terrified at the prospect of marrying this horrible-sounding princess the dragon quickly flies far away.

The dragon problem is solved but what about a husband for the princess? Hmm. Hang on. Let’s take another look at that knight. Is it possible he’s a she? And is it possible she’s not a knight at all?

A fab, funny story about a very smart mother/daughter duo. Recommended!

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How Many Sleeps Till Christmas? By Mark Sperring & Sebastien Braun

How Many Sleeps Till Christmas?Little Pip is very excited about Christmas but as he’s only tiny his concept of time is a little off. Every morning he wakes up Daddy Grizzle convinced that it is Christmas Day – but there are still 4 more sleeps to go.

Daddy Grizzle manages to fill the days with lots of festive activities – choosing a tree, writing cards, wrapping presents – and shows Little Pip that the build up to Christmas can be just as exciting as the day itself.

Super cute, with lovely illustrations.

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2CVtub0