Never Take A Bear To School
by Mark Sperring & Britta Teckentrup

If your child is wary of leaving you behind on their first day of school or nursery then this funny story might help calm their nerves.

There is one big rule when it comes to school – Do Not Take Your Bear. Why? Because bears just aren’t designed for the classroom! They cause panic in the playground, they’re far too big for the chairs and they gobble up all the food at lunchtime.

And you really wouldn’t want that level of mayhem on your first day of school because then you’d miss out on all the fun. A bear would distract you from making new friends, painting colourful pictures, doing your sums and listening to your teacher tell you a beautiful story.

There’s also something truly wonderful about leaving your bear at home. At the end of the school day you get the joy of hugging your bear and telling them all about the exciting day you’ve had. It’s natural to miss your bear (and they will miss you too!) but leaving them behind makes the time you have together even more precious.

This book is truly wonderful and it’s one of my favourites on the topic of starting school. It shows children how much fun school can be and helps keep separation anxiety at bay.

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