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Ivy’s Guest Book: Kat Brown, Founder, Mama Brown & Co

Hi Kat! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family

Thanks for having me! I’m Kat Brown, mama to two lively but loving boys Louis (6) & Max (3) and wife to Papa Brown. Having enjoyed working in publishing for the last 12 years, I left after having my youngest son and in September I launched Mama Brown & Co. We are the online magazine and marketplace dedicated to making parenting more playful and helping you get more fun out of family life (however tired you might be!) My husband and I originally hail from Yorkshire but moved down to London to work after university and somehow never ended up leaving. We now live just outside London in Kent but often find ourselves back up in Harrogate visiting family and friends and staying in touch with our Northern roots!

What are your sons’ favourite books?

My eldest Louis’ current favourites are The Christmasaurus & The Winter Witch by Tom Fletcher (yes we are reading it in March!) and Bear Grylls Adventures. He is 6 and in the past year has found a love of chapter books, ever since we read The Famous Five together by Enid Blyton. I read a chapter a night to him at bedtime but he can’t wait until his reading is strong enough for him to read them himself!

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Ivy’s Guest Book: Sarah Parrott, Owner, Write Sparks

Write SparksTell us a little bit about yourself and your family

Hello! I’m Sarah- an exhausted mum of a lovely 13 month old boy. My husband and I are both South London born and bred, so we’re loving raising Joel in Forest Hill. Until I had Joel, I was a Primary Teacher and Head of English. I adored my job. However, our beautiful boy has had a difficult start, with lots of health issues.  It soon became clear that I wouldn’t be able to return to teaching in school, as he needs more care than most and we spend lots of time in various hospitals. During one of the seemingly endless night feeds, I realised there was a way that I could still teach and share my passion for Writing with children and teachers, but work around my son’s needs. Soon after, Write Sparks was born! As the owner of Write Sparks, I teach creative writing classes for children and work as a freelance Writing Consultant in schools.

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Ivy’s Guest Book: Marcela Ferreira AKA S.E. Sussed

S.E. SussedTell us a little bit about yourself and your family

My name is Marcela, I am a mum of two (Izzy 8, and George 6) and wife of one.  I am an aspiring children’s writer and though I have nabbed a great agent, I am yet to have my stories published (here is hoping).

What is your son/daughter’s favourite book?

We read a lot at our house, so favourites change all the time.  I asked the kids what their favourites are right now, and this is what they said:

My daughter’s is Jake Atlas, by Rob Lloyd Jones: “because it’s adventurous”.  Jake Atlas is Indiana Jones for kids, inspired by the author’s own experiences as an Egyptologist.  His previous books, the ‘Wild Boy’ series are fantastic (and take place in Victorian London). I was lucky enough to meet Rob, and he is a brilliant story teller in person too – I highly recommend his books.

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Ivy’s Guest Book: Becky Coletto from Small & Wild

Small & WildTell us a little bit about yourself and your family

I’m Becky, one half of Small & Wild – a recently launched range of yummy herbal teas blended especially with little people in mind. I’m also mum to Amelie, 4, and Monty, 2 and wife to Phil. We live in lovely Nunhead in South East London.

What is your son/daughter’s favourite book?

Oo, this is always changing. We’ve had many favourites along the way.

A current hit is Quentin Blake’s Three Little Monkeys, which is beautifully illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.  It tells the story of Hilda Snibbs and her three little monkeys.

Now, some people have dogs, and some people have cats, but Hilda Snibbs – Hilda Snibbs had three little monkeys. Their names were Tim and Sam and Lulu…

Both of my two enjoy hearing tales of the mischief the three little monkeys cause whilst Hilda is out running errands. Poor Hilda always returns home and despairs at her house having been turned upside down. (My 2-year-old likes stomping around the bedroom at story time re-enacting some of the chaos they cause!) But one day Hilda comes back, the house is spotless, and her little monkeys are nowhere to be seen and she quickly realises that despite all their trouble-making she can’t bear to be without them. I imagine the story reminds my two a little of life at home and how they can wind me up no end but at the end of the day I will always love them to pieces!

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Ivy’s Guest Book: Nicola Washington AKA @toomuchmotheringinformation

Nicola WashingtonTell us a little bit about yourself and your family

I’m Nicola, tea-drinker and lapsed reader and I live in South London with the Mr and our two children aged 3 and 5. I was a secondary school English teacher for 12 years, so I have a deeply rooted love of books, but now I bring home the bacon through being a Social Media Specialist for small businesses. This basically means Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are treated like my third, fourth and fifth children – hence being a lapsed reader! I also blog, enjoy yoga and it makes me disproportionately happy when I open the dishwasher and it’s already been emptied.

What is your son/daughter’s favourite book?

My kids are 3 and 5 which means their taste in stories is completely different – annoying at bedtime!

My son is in the midst of a Peppa Pig obsession and loves the fact that Peppa and George are brother and sister, just like him and his sister! We’re moving house soon and all he wants to know is if he can have a bunk bed like his favourite little pigs.

My daughter’s favourite book is currently Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and she really enjoys choosing a different story each night. That said, she has some firm favourites, so I think I could probably recite Misty Copeland’s story off by heart!

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