The Only Way Is Badger
by Stella J Jones & Carmen Saldaña

The Only Way Is BadgerThis beautifully illustrated book about a group of woodland animals is extremely topical and we love it!

Badger is very proud of being a badger and he thinks that badgers are best. So much so that he thinks that everyone should be a badger! To try and make this a reality he builds a wall around the forest and puts posters up on all the trees encouraging the other animals to ‘be more badger’.

He’s a very confident public speaker so when he tells everyone that badgers are best the animals begin to wonder if he could be right and they question their own identities.

Determined to live in a world where there are only badgers, Badger sets the animals a series of tests. Those who fail are sent over the wall and out in to the unknown. First he sends away the animals who can’t dig and then he sends away the animals who are too large to fit in a burrow. Next up is a barking test and finally he removes any animals who aren’t badger colour.

Slowly the number of animals dwindles until Badger finds himself all alone – with no fun and no laughter and no friends. Can he see the error of his ways and make amends before it is too late?

This is a fantastic story about the importance of diversity and accepting people for who they are. As badger finds out, if we were all the same then life would be very boring indeed.

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