Oliver & Patch
by Claire Freedman & Kate Hindley

Oliver & PatchLittle Oliver is feeling sad. His family have moved from the countryside to the big city and everything feels strange. He misses the wide open spaces but most of all he misses his friends, and he hasn’t made any new ones since he arrived.

One day Oliver heads outside on his own to explore and in amongst the crowds he spots a dog called Patch who seems to be lost. Oliver befriends him and together they have lots of fun in Oliver’s new neighbourhood. For the first time he doesn’t feel lonely and the city doesn’t seem as scary after all.

But Oliver is old enough to understand that Patch is not his dog and that somebody out there must love and miss him very much. He sets about making some posters to help Patch find his way home, even though in his heart he wants him to stay.

Soon Patch’s owner is found and Oliver is sad because he thinks he will now lose his friend. But what if that isn’t the case at all? What if Oliver’s good deed means he still gets to see Patch and makes a whole new friend too?

This is a lovely story about friendship, which shows your child that doing the right thing is always best.

We love the illustrations in this one. There are lots and lots of little details in the drawings which are fun to spot. There’s one page in particular which Ivy loves – where you can see through the windows of an apartment block and the people inside are all doing different things. She likes to find the mum rocking a baby, the twirling ballerina and the bird in a cage!

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