Strictly No Elephants
by Lisa Mantchev & Taeeun Yoo

Strictly No ElephantsThe little boy in this story has a pet elephant which he loves very much. They go everywhere together and help each other when things get hard, because that’s what friends do. However sometimes having an unusual pet can be tough.

One day the little boy takes his elephant to Pet Club but when he arrives there is a big sign on the door saying ‘Strictly No Elephants’. He watches all of the other children head in to the club with their dogs and cats and he feels very sad. He hasn’t done anything wrong but he is being excluded.

The boy and his elephant walk the grey and rainy streets until they bump in to a girl with a pet skunk. She’s also sad because she was excluded from Pet Club too. They quickly form a bond over their unusual choice of animals and decide that the best course of action would be to set up their own club!

As they walk together they are joined by other children and a veritable menagerie of strange pets including a giraffe, a penguin and a bat! They find a tree house, put up their own sign – ‘All Are Welcome’ – and a brand new Pet Club is born.

We love the strong themes of friendship, inclusion and acceptance that run through this beautiful book. The warm and emotive illustrations clearly underline the fact that life is better when people are inclusive and respect each other.

We have lots of fun spotting all of the different pets in the book and Ivy finds the elephant (and his little red scarf) adorable!

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