Captain Sparklebeard by Timothy Knapman & Sam Lloyd

Captain SparklebeardAt the moment, if you ask Ivy to go and pick a book then this is the one she inevitably comes back with. We read it every day and she’s even made me construct a sparkly beard out of an old headband so she can pretend to be the main character!

The story is about a girl called Peg who is utterly fed up of living with her wicked Step-Great-Grand Auntie. Her only refuge from all the chores she has to do is her beloved collection of adventure books.

One day she takes the cat for a walk and discovers that the pirates have come to town and are looking for new recruits to help them find treasure. Seeing a way out of her miserable life, she asks if she can join them but they rudely refuse. They tell her that she’s too nice, too small and, most importantly, she doesn’t have a beard therefore she can’t ever be a pirate!

Peg won’t be discouraged though, and the next day she appears wearing a pirate outfit made from old curtains and sporting a large sparkly beard which she has constructed from an old mop and her Aunt’s jewels. She sets sail on a boat made of her books, determined to find the treasure before the nasty, smelly pirates.

Will her books be a help or a hindrance and will she beat the pirates at their own game?

As a parent I love this book for so many reasons! There’s a really strong female protagonist, a fantastic pirate adventure and a really solid lesson on how reading books and educating yourself will help you get ahead in life.

Ivy loves the story, and the colourful illustrations offer up lots of  detail for us to talk about. She also loves joining in with the pirate’s smelly laugh which is repeated throughout the story!

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