The Start Of Something Big by Annahita De La Mare & Jennifer Kirkham

When three little girls find a tattered hot air balloon hidden away in an old shed they realise they have found something special. The balloon used to belong to their grandmother, and they have heard many stories about the adventures she had in it as a girl.

With a flicker of excitement they realise that, if they can fix the balloon, they could have some adventures of their very own!  Working together, they mend the holes in the fabric and soon find themselves soaring through the sky.

However it’s not long before they discover that flying a hot air balloon isn’t quite as easy as it looks, and after a minor collision with a tree they start to doubt their own abilities. Will they manage to fly the balloon safely to Grandma’s house, and what on earth might she say when they arrive?

We love this book about a modern, fun-seeking group of girls. There’s a real sense of adventure and it tackles some great themes. We see the girls’ friendship grow as they work together to overcome their fears and achieve their goals, and the story teaches us that learning new skills takes time and there will always be a few bumps along the way.

It’s a little longer than a standard picture book so is definitely aimed at 4+, however Ivy (who is 3.5) really enjoys it and loves the sequel too!

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Disclosure: The author provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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