Felix’s New Skirt by Kerstin Brichzin & Igor Kuprun

Felix loves to wear skirts. He likes how they feel, how they spin, and he particularly likes the fact they mean he can run faster and climb more easily. Felix borrows them from his older sister and his supportive mum even takes him to buy one of his own.

When Felix starts school he’s really excited about the prospect of wearing his new skirt but his parents aren’t so keen. They are worried that the other children won’t understand and that he will be bullied. However after a few days they finally relent and Felix is very excited about showing his outfit to his friends.

However all does not go well at the school gates where he is met with laughter and confusion. His friends tell him he looks like a girl and even the other parents whisper to each other that it just isn’t right. Felix has a very sad day at school and doesn’t understand why everyone just points and laughs. Girls can wear trousers, so why can’t boys wear skirts?

To help him feel better, Felix’s dad buys a skirt of his own and together they wear them around the town with their heads held high. This lovely gesture boosts Felix’s confidence, but will it help people see that clothes are just clothes and you should be able to wear whatever makes you happy?

This is a lovely story which teaches empathy, tolerance and the importance of freedom of expression. I just have one tiny criticism – there is a spelling error on the final page. Eek!

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2Q7iems

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