The Golden Acorn by Katy Hudson

Squirrel loves to win and she’s definitely on a winning streak. For the last 8 years she has taken home the trophy for the annual Golden Acorn Hunt and once again she has her eye on the prize. She’s the fastest animal in the forest so she’s bound to win. Isn’t she?

The day before the race the organisers throw a spanner in the works by announcing a change to the rules. This year everyone must compete in teams! Squirrel eyes her friends in horror. How can she be expected to win when Beaver, Tortoise and Rabbit will just slow her down?

Race day arrives and Squirrel races off in to the distance but soon her friends call her back because they need her help. Tortoise gets lost, they all get tangled up in some hanging branches and then Beaver gets his bottom stuck in a tree! Annoyed at the fact they’re wasting time, Squirrel reluctantly assists but then speeds off on her own in search of the Golden Acorn.

Will winning the trophy mean losing her friends?

I love a book with a good lesson and this one is really nicely done. Squirrel learns that sometimes friendship is more important than winning and discovers the joy of teamwork along the way.

Ivy really enjoys this one and cheers for the little Tortoise throughout the race (“He’s doing well Mummy because Tortoises are really slow”). The autumnal illustrations are gorgeous and there’s lots of fun detail to explore.

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Disclosure: The publisher submitted a copy of this book for consideration as part of the Read with River #findmestories_bestof2019 project. You can read more about this here.

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