If All The World Were… by Joseph Coelho & Allison Colpoys

This moving book about the loss of a grandparent makes me cry every time I read it. It’s beautifully written and the vibrant illustrations are just stunning.

The poetic story follows a young girl through the seasons as she has wonderful adventures with her grandad. Together they explore the great outdoors, go to the beach, play cars and share stories.

But her grandad is ill and she wishes there is something she could do to make him stay by her side. She dreams of planting his birthdays in the ground so that he can’t get old or healing him just by listening to the tall tales from his youth.

Then the day arrives when she comes home to her Grandad’s empty chair.

However he has left her a gift –  a handmade notebook with her name on the front. She sits with her thoughts and then slowly begins to write down all of the wonderful memories that they have shared.

Although this book makes me cry it’s actually a true celebration of life – a love letter to the beautiful relationship between children and their grandparents everywhere.

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2LMporg

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