Freedom, We Sing
by Amyra León & Molly Mendoza

This powerful picture book encourages children to think about the concept of freedom and whether they are truly free.

A mother and her child dance through the pages as they discuss the world around them. Sometimes this world feels small as we wrap ourselves in the love of those dearest to us and othertimes it seems vast and unknowable.

In lyrical rhyme the child speaks to us of the lessons they have learned from their mother – that there are millions of children and parents under this same sky with different lives and different skin colours. Some people’s lives are more difficult than others, like whose who must escape from war to protect their families, but they all have hearts which beat the same way.

So what then of freedom? Do we have it? Is it something that can be written or taught? The child learns that freedom is the very air that we breathe. That our breath makes us alive, it reminds us that history is everywhere and it unites the world.

Endorsed by Amnesty International, this empowering story serves as a timely reminder that we are all born equal. It is visually stunning, with beautiful illustrations which burst with tenderness and parental love.

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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