I Have to Start at School Today by Simon Philip & Ged Adamson

The little girl in this story is very nervous of starting school. She has no idea what to expect so her imagination is going wild!

What if she arrives at the school gates to find an angry rhino who demands a password before she’s allowed in? What if there’s a selfish bear in her chair who refuses to move and then eats all the food in the canteen? What if there’s a babboon who drives her crazy playing his bassoon all day? Her mum reassures her that none of these things are going to happen but her cheeky older brother really isn’t helping.

Feeling sad and confused she turns to her grandmother who listens carefully to her fears and reassures her with a warm hug and some wise words. What if, just maybe, she goes to school and everything goes just right?

Written in charming rhyme with bright and bold illustrations, this book is fantastic for reading aloud. The ridiculous scenarios which the little girl imagines are laugh out loud funny and her grandma’s kind words will comfort children who are apprehensive about taking their first stes in to school life.

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/3guPKvW

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