Take Me to School by Mary Richards

We are big fans of Agnes & Aubrey so we were really excited to receive this gorgeous school journal in the post recently.

Split in to five ‘adventures’ the book gives you and your child the opportunity to record their very special school journey. Each adventure breaks down different aspects of the school day and is filled with fun facts and questions for childen to consider.

What does their school day look like? What do they wear? What books are they reading? What do they eat at lunchtime? Who are their friends? Can they remember the names of everyone in their class? Who is their teacher? What does their classroom look like? There are spaces to fill in the answers to all of these questions and more, along with spaces to draw or stick in pictures.

It’s up to you how and your child choose to use the ‘adventures’. You could fill out one per term or one per school year. If you’re a family who moves around a lot then you could even use one adventure per school.

Mixed in with the fabulous free text sections are an array of fabulous facts about schools. We’ve really enjoyed learning about how school days differ around the world and there’s a lot of historical information too.

This is a wonderful journal which is great fun to complete. It’s guaranteed to become a treasured family keepsake which charts your child’s school journey.

Buy it now: https://www.agnesandaubrey.com/product-page/take-me-to-school

Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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