How To Drive A Roman Chariot
by Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves

Albie is an ordinary boy who has some extraordinary adventures! The first Albie book was released 10 years ago and we have amassed quite a few of them of late. Ivy really enjoys the way he is whipped away to different time or location whilst doing normal everyday things.

In this latest installment, Albie’s mum takes him to see some horses in a field. Whilst they’re there it starts to rain so the little boy shelters in a nearby barn – but inside he discovers a girl wearing a dress from Roman times.

Albie soon finds himself roaring through the backstreets of Ancient Rome as he and his new friend Julia try to stop a runaway chariot from crashing into the crowds of people at the market. The girl successfuly grabs the reins and takes control of the horses but they accidentally turn in to an arch at the side of a very large building.

In a flash they realise they are inside the hippodrome where a chariot race is taking place. Julia yells that girls aren’t allowed to take part in these events but as she overtakes one of the colourful vehicles she realises there’s a chance she could actually win.

Intent on proving that girls can drive chariots just as well as boys, Julia speeds towards the finish line – but what will the emperor say when he realises who the winner is?

We love this fast-paced adventure which is perfect for tiny historians. The story gives kids a great insight in to life in Ancient Rome and it gets bonus points from me for the added dash of girl power!

There is lots of detail to explore in the energetic illustrations and we particularly enjoyed spotting the Roman inventions which are dotted through the pages, including an aqueduct, a postman and some roman numerals.

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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