The Wolf’s Secret
by Myriam Dahman, Nicolas Digard & Júlia Sardà

This contemporary fairy tale about an unlikely friendship is breathtakingly beautiful and wonderfully atmospheric. If your child is a fan of intrigue and suspense then I would highly recommend The Wolf’s Secret.

In a forest far away lives an enormous wolf with deep, dark fur and big, golden eyes. All of the other animals fear him, but the wolf harbours a secret. He is in love with a young woman who lives in a wooden cabin hidden deep within the trees. Every day he secretly listens to her sing as she collects water from the well and tends to her sick father.

But then one morning the young woman fails to appear so the Wolf edges closer to the cabin. He sees his love sobbing on her father’s empty bed and her sadness consumes him.

Desperate to help her, the wolf takes the advice of a wizard and sets off on a quest which promises to ease the young woman’s pain, but he soom learns that every choice has a consequence.  A magical talisman gives him the power to speak to the young woman and comfort her with stories and kind words – but that same talisman jingles like a bell, scaring away his prey and leaving him hungry.

As his friendship with the woman starts to bloom, his body and spirit start to fade. Will he (and should he) sacrifice himself for the one he loves, or is there another way?

This book is visually stunning and the prose is rich, lyrical and refreshingly dark. Although a picture book, it’s aimed at a slightly older age range than our usual fare. Ivy is coming up to five and, although she enjoyed it and asked lots of questions, she is a little young to fully appreciate it. Personally I think this would be a perfect for children aged seven and over.

The beautiful binding, thick pages and gold foil effect on the cover mean it would make a fantastic gift!

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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