Bright Sparks Flash Cards
by Button Books & Dominika Lipniewska

We’re over half way through Ivy’s first term in Reception and the homework has started to arrive thick and fast! After a busy day at school she’s not always a fan of sitting down and getting it done so I have been trying to make it as fun as possible for her.

Earlier this year we were gifted two boxes of flash cards by Button Books – one set is for the alphabet and the other is for three-letter words. Each box contains 50+ sturdy, laminated cards, each illustrated with super cute designs by Polish illustrator and designer Dominika Lipniewska.

There are two types of card in the Alphabet box. There are 26 which each feature just a letter, with upper case on one side and lower case on the other. The remaining cards have upper case, lower case and a familar word on one side and a picture of the word on the other side.

The Three-Letter Word box contains a set of cards each (obviously!) featuring a three-letter word. The word is printed on one side and there’s a picture on the other side.

Both boxes contain some useful notes for parents and teachers as well as a selection of activities and games you can play with the cards. Ivy’s favourite is ‘Swat the Word’ which she does with much enthusiasm!

These cards have been invaluable to us in recent weeks so I would highly recommend them if your child has just started school or pre-school. The games are great fun and they hold her attention for much longer than her homework does!

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