You’re Safe With Me By Chitra Soundar & Poonam Mistry

You're Safe With MeWhen night falls in the Indian forest it is time for the baby animals to go to sleep. However on this particular evening a storm is brewing and the noises make the little ones afraid. Suddenly the forest is full of unfamiliar noises and their imaginations run wild. The trees are swooshing, the wind is howling, lightening is flashing and thunder rolls in the sky.

Fortunately Mama Elephant is there to calm their fears. Each time they are woken by a noise she gives a lovely description of what is happening and why. For example the wind huffs and puffs because it is tired from all the hard work it has been doing gathering seeds from faraway lands and bringing them to the forest. She finishes each little story with a soft whisper of “You’re safe with me”.

This is a beautiful story which shows the caring bond between parent and child. I read it with Ivy during a recent afternoon thunderstorm which was particularly loud and it was a lovely snuggly book which reassured her that everything was ok.

The illustrations are fabulous and unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a children’s book. The first few times we read it Ivy just stroked the pages but then she spotted a bird and realised that if she looked carefully she could make out all sorts of different animals. This has become a great game for her so she brings the book out again and again!

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