My World, Your World By Melanie Walsh

My World, Your WorldThis lovely book by Melanie Walsh celebrates cultural diversity in a smart but simple way which is perfect for toddlers.

Each cycle of 3 pages introduces two characters and shows us how they are different but ultimately how they are the same. For example we meet Kavita who wears a sari to school and Jacob who wears snow boots and a big jacket. Their uniforms may be very different because of where they live but they both wear trainers/sneakers for gym class. We also meet Muhib, who rides an elephant and Edie, who rides a horse. their modes of transport are different but they both like to ride skateboards at the skate park.

It’s such a simple idea but it’s so effective. Children around the world may not look the same and their experiences of day to day to life may be very different – but we are all one people and we share this one world.

Ivy loves the cute illustrations and I feel that when she’s a tiny bit older it will be a great way of starting a conversation about different cultures and our similarities and differences.

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