The Dog That Ate The World By Sandra Dieckmann

The Dog That Ate The WorldDown in the valley life is happy and peaceful – bears, foxes and birds roam the beautiful countryside. The different species live harmoniously alongside each other.

Then one day a big dog appears. The dog has a terrible hunger and eats everything in his sight. To try and calm him, a fox steps forward and plays a tune on his fiddle, but the dog just gobbles him up. The fox continues to play his tune from within the dog’s tummy and it’s heard by some brave bunnies who try to rescue him – but they also find themselves in the belly of the beast.

The dog refuses to listen to reason and continues to feed his hunger by consuming everything in his path – but deep in his tummy a community of animals is coming together. They light a fire and sit down to talk of the future. Together, they work together to rebuild their world on the inside.

The dog’s reign of terror must eventually come to an end – and what is left is a world that is bigger and brighter than ever before.

If ever there was a children’s book to perfectly capture the zeitgeist then this is it. It’s really powerful and has fantastically detailed illustrations which completely captivate Ivy.

The themes here are really strong and teach your child that even in dark times there are friends and good people who will pull you (and humanity) through. Diversity is our strength and when people come together we can make amazing things happen.

As adults we’re also familiar with the term ‘Black Dog’ being used to describe depression and the book works on this level also, showing that even when everything seems dark you have to look for the little spark of light on the inside and grab hold of it.

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