Oi Frog! By Kes Gray & Jim Field

Oi Frog!This series of books by Kes Gray & Jim Field definitely wins the award for most random but we love them!

The book centres around a set of ‘rules’ which determine what different animals are allowed to sit on. The two main characters are a cat and a frog and the former is explaining the rules to the latter. The cat tells frog that he has to sit on a log – but he doesn’t want to! Logs aren’t comfortable and they give you splinters in your bottom -but unfortunately those are the rules!

The cat then explains all the other seat-based rules and they get more and more crazy. We see moles sitting on poles, lizards sitting on wizards, gophers sitting on sofas, gibbons sitting on ribbons and even fleas sitting on peas (Ivy’s favourite!).

Frog finds the whole thing bewildering but he has one question – what do dogs sit on? Uh-oh! Not sure he wants to know the answer to that one!

This is a really raucous read and it’s great fun. Ivy loves to join in and we both get a little tongue-tied! The illustrations are really colourful and eye-catching, bringing the crazy story to life.

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2Qzstfw

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