I Know A Lot! by Stephen Krensky & Sara Gillingham

I Know A Lot!This gorgeous board book is part of a series designed to empower small children. This one focuses on the fact that, as a toddler, you are learning new things all the time and if you stop and think about all the things you know, you realise it’s a lot!

The gentle rhyme highlights lots of facts that your child will revel in knowing – like the fact that wet glue will dry, ovens are hot, balls can bounce, kites fly etc.

It’s a short read at just 12 pages but this just serves to reinforce the empowerment theme. Ivy now mostly knows it by heart so she can not only tell me the facts but also recite most of the text which makes her doubly proud of herself!

We are big fans of Sara Gillingham’s illustrations and I love the fact that they are so distinctive, even to children. The first time we read this one Ivy looked thoughtful and declared ‘Like the baby’. I didn’t know what she meant at first but she went to our book shelf and pulled out ‘Snuggle The Baby‘, another fantastic Sara Gillingham title that we have. I was amazed!

Other titles in this series include ‘I Can Do It Myself!‘, ‘Now I Am Big!‘ and ‘I Am So Brave!

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2RJvmyP

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