The Pawed Piper by Michelle Robinson & Chinlun Lee

The Pawed PiperThe little girl in this story really, really likes cats. She has lots of books about them but what she wants is a little fluffy cat of her very own – so she decides to lay a trail!

She gathers together an arsenal of cat toys, including balls of wool, skeins of ribbon and little jingly jangly balls. Then she visits her Grandmother and learns that they also enjoy playing with catnip, cardboard boxes and newspapers.

Soon her bedroom is full of exciting things designed to entice cats and she sits and waits for them to arrive. She waits all day but she has no luck so she heads to bed and sadly snuggles her cat book instead.

The next morning she is awoken by a furry little paw and discovers that her room is full of cats. 67 cats in fact! The little girl is over the moon and she has a perfect day, cuddling with the cats and playing with them in the garden.

But when she heads out in to the street she sees 67 ‘missing’ posters stuck to a wall. Has she accidentally stolen all of the neighbourhood cats? And if so, what can she do to make amends?

We love this adorable story and Ivy is utterly fascinated by the beautiful cat illustrations. She was very excited to find one that looks just like our own cat, Esme, and she searches for it every time we read the book. Ivy also enjoys all the detail on the cat posters and likes me to read her the names and rewards being offered for their safe return.

A must-read for all tiny cat lovers!

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