The Weaver by Qian Shi

The WeaverStanley the Spider finds the perfect spot for a new web and sets about weaving himself a home. When it’s finished he decorates it with lovely things which he has collected, like leaves and flowers, buttons and bottle tops. He’s very proud of his new creation but then the rain washes it away.

Stanley is very upset and tries to fix it but then the wind comes along and makes it worse. Just when he thinks all is lost he has an idea. Can he pull it off?

This is a beautifully illustrated book which teaches an importance message about resilience and dealing with loss. Nothing you love can ever truly be lost as you always carry it with you in your heart.

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2smXTO6

The Storm Whale in Winter by Benji Davies

The Storm Whale in WinterWe loved The Storm Whale by Benji Davies and recently purchased this sequel – The Storm Whale in Winter. It does not disappoint!

In the original story a little boy called Noi saves a young whale who washes up in the beach during a storm – however in this book it is the whale who comes to the rescue.

Winter is setting in and Noi’s dad (a fisherman) decides to take his boat out on one last trip, but he doesn’t come back. Noi heads out over the frozen sea to find him but soon finds himself lost and stuck.

Enter the little Storm Whale who appears with his whole family to rescue poor Noi. Together they work to find Noi’s dad – but where could he be?

A gorgeous tale of friendship and bravery

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2npHQJQ

Be Brave Little Penguin by Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees

Be Brave Little PenguinThis sparkly book is very popular in our house at the moment.

The story is about Pip Pip, a tiny penguin who is scared of the sea. All of his penguin peers laugh at his fears and soon he becomes lonely and sad.He plays by himself on land so that he doesn’t have to go near the water.

One day, following some gentle encouragement from his mum, he tip toes to the edge and leans forward. Can he overcome his fears and jump?

An inspiring little story about courage, with lovely illustrations and some extra sparkle.

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2n2Oczz

Side By Side By Rachel Bright & Debo Gliori

Side By SideSide by Side is a really sweet book about finding your best friend.

Little Mouseling is the smallest mouse in a large family of mice. She desperately wants a friend of her own but all of her brothers and sisters are so busy running and playing that they forget all about her.

She sets out to find a friend but although she has plenty of offers of friendship she just can’t find someone who is the right match. Toad is lovely but she can’t swim so can’t join in with his games. Squirrel is great fun but Little Mouseling is too scared to climb his big tree.

But just as she thinks she won’t ever find a friend a shy little vole appears. Could this be the little buddy she’s been searching for?

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2B8y6Z7

Some Birds By Matt Spink

Some BirdsWe are big fans of this lovely book about birds and how every type is different.

Tall and small, waddling and hopping, twitching and tweeting – all of the birds are beautifully drawn and the rhyming text is perfect for adding your own squawky sound effects.

Perfect for a tiny bird enthusiast!

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2D3YPLJ

Norton And Alpha By Kristyna Litten

Norton And AlphaNorton is a little robot who collects things from the industrial landscape in which he lives. He picks up cogs, wheels and springs and takes them home to use in his inventions.

He makes all sorts of useful gadgets and even manages to build himself a companion – a little robot dog he calls Alpha.

But then one day they find a flower growing all by itself and they are completed baffled. What does it do and why is it there? Norton and Alpha make it their mission to find out.

This is a beautifully illustrated book with a lovely message about finding joy in small things.

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2mkFVpf

The Bear Who Stared By Duncan Beedie

The Bear Who StaredThis gorgeous book by Duncan Beedie is about a big old bear who can’t help but stare.

The animals who live near his cave all dislike him because they think he is really rude. However what they don’t realise is that poor Bear is just a little shy and socially awkward. He wants to get to know his forest friends but he clams up and doesn’t know what to say – hence the stares. A chance encounter with a little frog gives him the confidence to try something new.

Is it possible that a simple smile could help him make friends?

The illustrations in this one are gorgeous (and as a fairly socially awkward grown up I absolutely love the story and message behind it).

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2Detljk

Tidy By Emily Gravett

TidyPete the Badger is obsessed with tidiness and likes everything to be neat and clean. He tidies flowers, grooms the local foxes, polishes the beaks of his bird chums and even vacuums the forest floor.

He enjoys his tidy little life but then one day Autumn comes and the leaves start to fall from the trees. Pete endeavours to bag them all up but then decides the empty trees look untidy so he digs them all up.

Things go from bad to worse as his attempts to tidy the forest escalate – until, surrounded by concrete, he realises that he’s destroyed his home and that of his friends. Together they work to restore the forest – but can Pete learn to live with it in its natural state?

This is a fun story which shows that sometimes you just need to know when to stop.

Ivy is a bit too young to appreciate the story but she loves the beautiful illustrations and names all of the animals as I turn the pages.

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2CUsuaX

The Lion Who Wanted To Love By Giles Andreae & David Wojtowycz

The Lion Who Wanted To LoveLeo is not like other lions. He doesn’t feel compelled to hunt other animals, he just wants to cuddle them and shower them with love. As he is a little unusual and isn’t bringing any food to the pride, he is forced to leave his family and go it alone.

Will his loving approach help or hinder him as the little lion tries to survive on the plains alone?

This is such a sweet book with a lovely message about the importance of kindness.

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2CuWHtn

Penguin Problems By Jory John & Lane Smith

Penguin ProblemsThis little penguin has big problems.

He’s cold. It’s too early. It’s too bright. The sea is too salty. He looks silly when he waddles. He can’t fly. He looks the same as everyone else. No one cares about his problems.

Yup – this penguin is your toddler!

When his complaining gets too much, a wise old walrus steps in and tries to put his problems in to perspective and encourages him to marvel at the wonderful world around him.

Can the little penguin look outside of himself and see that things really aren’t that bad for him after all?

We love the illustrations in this one and Ivy adores the ‘pingwings’.

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2kTt78P