Kaya’s Heart Song
by Diwa Tharan Sanders & Nerina Canzi

Kaya's Heart SongOne day little Kaya stumbles across her mother meditating. She is also humming an unfamiliar tune which Kaya finds fascinating. When she  asks what it is her mother explains that it is her heart song – the song which her heart sings when she is happy.

Kaya would very much like a heart song of her own but she doesn’t know how to find it so instead she goes out to play. She follows a butterfly in to the jungle and there she finds an old man guarding a broken-down elephant carousel.

Drawn to the elephants, Kaya climbs on top of one to try and free it from some vines. She imagines what it would be like to be a beautiful princess riding the elephant through the jungle and suddenly she hears the soft beat of music in her ear.

Could this be her heart song and if so, what kind of magic could it bring to her day?

If you’re a parent who is keen for their child to practise mindfulness then this book is highly recommended. It shows how being truly in the moment can help you become more self aware and teach you how to truly follow your heart.

The story itself is beautiful but the breathtaking illustrations really take this to another level. The overall effect is really calming and Ivy and I  find ourselves singing Kaya’s heart song long after we have finished reading the book.

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