The Dress And The Girl by Camille Andros & Julie Morstad

The Dress And The GirlEvery now and again a book comes our way which both captures Ivy’s imagination and brings me to tears, and this is most definitely one of those books.

The simple, yet extremely moving, story is about the relationship between a little girl and  her favourite dress. The girl and the dress are the best of friends and they go on many adventures together. They play and explore but they also stare out at the ocean and wish for something more.

One day the girl discovers that everything is about to change. The dress is bundled in to a trunk and the girl and her family take a long journey on a boat to start a new life in New York. But somehow the trunk is lost in the hustle and bustle of their arrival. The dress finds itself alone and the girl does not come back.

We see the girl grow up and have a family of her own and we see the dress wander far and wide in search of its owner. New York is a very large place so surely their friendship is lost forever. Or is it?

Beautifully written and stunningly illustrated, this book made me think about all the little things you become attached to as a child and then remember fondly as an adult. The first time we read it together, Ivy wanted to go and look at the collection of dresses in her wardrobe and pick her favourite, and it has also sparked an interest in where all the items in our local charity shop may have come from!

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