There’s An Alien In Your Book by Tom Fletcher & Greg Abbott

Ivy and I are big fans of ‘There’s A Monster In Your Book‘ so I pre-ordered this new one from Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott as soon as I heard about it. We were both super excited when it arrived and it has definitely not disappointed.

The story is about a little alien who has crash landed in your book.  It’s up to you to try and get him back home where he belongs – but how? By wriggling and jiggling the book around, blowing on the pages, making loud noises and conjuring up some scary faces!

This is a raucous read which has Ivy hooting with laughter every single time. She has declared the alien ‘adorable’ and adopted his little catchphrase – ‘Zaa – Zee – Zoo!’ – which she has decided means ‘I Love You’ in ‘alien language’.

It’s great fun to read aloud because of all the zany instructions, and I like that there’s a lovely message about acceptance which runs through the book. When it becomes apparent that the alien might not be able to get home after all, the story touches on the fact he just doesn’t belong on earth because he’s too different. But after examining some familiar creatures – like fish and snails and bees and whales – we can see that we’re all pretty weird and wonderful so he will fit right in!

The gorgeous illustrations and great page layouts are really effective. When we’re shaking the book around I think Ivy genuinely believes that we are moving the little alien around <3

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