Animal World: Clever Mini Board Books

When we received this in the post we thought initially thought it was a chunky hardback, but upon opening it we found a lovely surprise. It actually contains nine mini board books, each dedicated to different types of animals.

Each tiny book contains 5 double page spreads, featuring a gorgeous illustration of an animal along with its name. This makes them perfect for babies and younger toddlers who are just starting to recognise different creatures.

But this set isn’t just for reading. The books are shaped like cubes so they’re great for stacking and sorting. If you turn them upside down they become puzzle pieces which when ordered correctly display a larger animal scene. You can also play a matching game when placing them back in the box because the cover images are repeated inside.

The set is designed for children aged 10 months+ so I have to admit I thought it would be a little too young for 4 year old Ivy. However I was wrong! She’s taking her first steps towards reading and we have spent a lot of time with this little collection as she identifies the letters and sounds out the animal names. It’s been really useful for her, and she’s partial to the puzzle element too!

Buy it now:

Disclosure: The publisher submitted a copy of this book for consideration as part of the Read with River #findmestories_bestof2019 project. You can read more about this here.

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