Mini Monsters: Can I Be The Best
by Caryl Hart & Tony Neal

Since Ivy started school last September we’ve had some struggles with perfectionism. If she’s not immediately the best at something then she gets disheartened and doesn’t want to try. It’s an uphill battle but, as always, we’ve found books really helpful to try and put things into perspective for her.

This new title in the Mini Monsters series has therefore come at just the right time for us. We both loved the first book – ‘Can I Play?’ – so Ivy was very excited to see a new story with familiar characters.

Scout, Sparkle, Arthur and Tiny are back once again and, having worked out how to play nicely together in book one, they have a brand new pres-school problem. They each want to be THE BEST.

Sparkle is the best at board games whilst Scout is the best at running. They can’t quite decide on who is the best at building sandcastles so grudgingly they agree to disagree! Arthur tries to join in but ultimately he’s more interested in quietly rescuing bugs.

As Scout and Sparkle let their competitive streaks run wild they notice that Arthur is starting to look a little glum. He isn’t the best at any of the activities  – so does that mean he isn’t good at anything at all?

Proving that ultimately friendship is the most important thing, the pals come together to show Arthur how special he is and where his true talents lie.

This is one of my favourite kinds of books – a fun, immersive story with a strong message buried inside. The characters are wonderfully warm and engaging – and we love trying to spot the slighty elusive Tiny!

The book reassures children that we can’t be the best at everything, but we are all the best at something. It’s great for opening up conversations about your child’s own talents and discussing the importance of kindness and compassion.

‘Mini Monsters: Can I Be The Best?’ publishes in the UK on January 21st and is available to pre-order now.

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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