November 2017

The Magic Paintbrush By Julia Donaldson & Joel Stewart

The Magic PaintbrushThis is the Julia Donaldson version of a classic story I remember from my own childhood – The Magic Paintbrush.

Shen lives in a poor community and every day she is sent out to catch fish for her family.

Whilst waiting for a bite she traces pictures in the sand with a stick, which draws the attention of an old man. The curious stranger gives her a magic paintbrush and tells her to use it to help the poor but never the rich.

Shen goes home and realises that anything she draws comes to life. She paints fish, oysters, baskets, shoes, coats and hats for the folk in her village and soon the community thrives.

But what will Shen do when the evil emperor summons her to his palace and threatens to keep her prisoner unless she draws him a tree of golden coins?

Beautifully illustrated by Joel Stewart, and Julia Donaldson’s magic touch really brings this folk tale to life.

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Guess How Much I Love You By Sam McBratney & Anita Jeram

Guess How Much I Love YouThis evening we’ve got a super cute classic – Guess How Much I Love You.

Little Nutbrown Hare is about to go to bed but before he goes to sleep he wants to tell Big Nutbrown Hare just how much he loves him. He stretches his arms as far as they can go and he hops as high as he can but Big Nutbrown Hare can stretch and hop a little higher.

A gorgeous book about trying to vocalise the extent of your love (which I actually bought for Ivy’s Daddy long before she was born because I’m a soppy so and so)

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On No, George! By Chris Haughton

Oh No, George!George the Dog is every toddler. He really, really wants to be good and he promises he will be but sometimes being good is just so hard! The loveable dog gets himself into a number of scrapes, causing the reader to shout ‘Oh No, George!’ each time.

The illustrations are gorgeous and Ivy is always reduced to fits of giggles as she yells ‘Oh No!’ at the extremely cute puppy protagonist.

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Five Minutes’ Peace By Jill Murphy

Five Minutes' PeaceI think every parent I know will sympathise with Mrs. Large the Elephant. All she wants is five minutes’ peace to sit in the bath with her cup of tea and close her eyes. But before long the bathroom is the scene of a recorder recital, a book reading, a toy fest and a water fight as her three little elephants all find her and want her to play.

Sound familiar? Yup. Us too!

A really sweet and relatable story that’s now over 30 years old.

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The Lion Inside By Rachel Bright & Jim Field

The Lion InsideAs a shy person with more than a pinch of anxiety, this is the book I wish I had read as a child and I hope it inspires Ivy in the future.

The story is about a tiny little mouse who is often overlooked because of his quiet little voice. He looks up to the mighty lion who lives nearby and wishes he could be big and brave like him.

One day he realises that in order to be who he wants to be he needs to find his courage, so he sets off to find the lion so he can ask him to teach him to roar.

But the meeting doesn’t quite go to plan. Could it be possible that the mighty lion is scared of mice?

We adore this one, and I’m not ashamed to say that the first time I read it to Ivy I cried at the end. Beautiful!

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Wow! Said The Owl By Tim Hopgood

Wow! Said The OwlA very old friend of mine kindly gave us this book at the weekend and Ivy was instantly really taken with it.

It tells the story of a curious owl who decides to have a little night time and then stay up to see what life is like in the daytime. What he discovers is a whole world of bright colours which make him say ‘WOW’ (which incidentally is now Ivy’s favourite word!).

The illustrations are vivid and gorgeous and the story holds her attention right through to the end. Recommended!

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Supertato By Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

SupertatoSomething weird is happening at the supermarket. The vegetables are under attack from an evil pea which has escaped from the freezer. There are carrots taped to the conveyor belts, cucumbers tied up with loo roll, and stems of broccoli with graffiti on their little faces.

Can anyone stop the evil pea in his tracks? Enter Supertato who steps in and saves the day.

The story is completely bonkers and the pictures are really bright and eye catching, making this a perfect book for a toddler!

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Sugarlump And The Unicorn By Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks

Sugarlump And The UnicornWe love Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks.

Sugarlump is a rocking horse who becomes discontented with his life when the children who own him grow up and go to school. Enter a magical unicorn who grants his wishes and lets him be who he wants to be. But after stints on a farm, at a race course and in a circus he’s still not happy and he misses the children.

Will he ever fulfil his potential and become the horse he was meant to be?

The illustrations in this one are fab and there are raised glittery sections on every page for your little one to find and touch.

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The Teddy Bear Secret By Anna Clothier & Gail Yerril

The Teddy Bear SecretThis one is a recent present from Ivy’s grandparents and it’s extremely cute. It introduces us to a little teddy bear called Bear and his human Ben. Ben thinks that he looks after Bear but really it’s the other way round.

Teddy Bears around the world are all part of the Teddy Bear Secret! When their humans are around they stay super still but as soon they’re alone they busy about doing the important job of keeping their human safe and sound.

This is a really sweet book and the illustrations are gorgeous.

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Each Peach Pear Plum By Janet & Allan Ahlberg

Each Peach Pear plumWe were recommended this one by a friend so I bought it yesterday and Ivy is already hooked.

The cute little rhyme brings together well known nursery rhyme characters and encourages you to play I-Spy as they are hidden within the beautiful illustrations. Ivy’s favourite character is Baby Bunting and she excitedly shouts ‘BABY!’ when she spots him.

Highly recommended and I’m surprised we hadn’t come across this one before!

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