Iris And Isaac By Catherine Rayner

Iris And IsaacIris and Isaac are beautiful polar bears and they are best friends. However their inability to share causes them to have  a little falling out. Iris makes a snow nest which is a bit too small for both of them to snuggle up in. They each try to squish their big bottoms in, trying to get a bigger space for themselves but they end up destroying the whole nest and walking away from each other in a huff.

However they soon discover that life can be pretty sad without someone to share it with. When Iris spots a flock of snowy white ducks in flight she wishes she could tell Isaac about it – and Isaac spots the northern lights he wishes Iris was there to share the moment with him.

Can these lovely bears learn to share so they can be friends again?

This is a fantastic book about friendship with a great message about sharing for small children. Although it can be difficult at first, learning to share means that ultimately you can have so much more fun with your friends.

We have a lot of books by Catherine Rayner in our little library because Ivy and I both love the simple stories and the amazing illustrations. Every page is breathtaking and she really brings the animals to life.

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