Penguin Small By Mick Inkpen

Penguin SmallPenguin Small has a lot of fears. He is scared of the nasty polar bears bears who have been playing tricks on him and his friends, he’s scared of water and he’s not a big fan of being on his own. So when all of the other penguins decide enough is enough and head out to sea to make a new life in the South Pole, he is left in an unhappy position. He can’t follow them because he won’t go in the water, but he can’t stay because of the polar bears and the loneliness. What is a little penguin to do?

At exactly the right moment a Snowman appears and a series of events result in them floating off to sea on a small piece of ice and discovering a beautiful tropical island. The new friends meets lots of exciting new animals in this weird and wonderful place and the Snowman vows that he will stay there forever.

However Penguin Small is soon homesick and dreams of meeting up with his penguin friends in the South Pole. He bravely says goodbye to the Snowman and heads out to sea, floating in the snowman’s straw hat. A chance encounter with a whale makes him realise he is stronger than he ever realised. Is it possible this little penguin can fly?

This is a really lovely story for older toddlers, especially those who struggle with new experiences. Penguin Small shows them that although stepping out of your comfort zone can appear scary at first, it opens up a whole world of new opportunities and friendships.

A beautifully illustrated book with a great sense of adventure and a fantastic message. Ivy loves the big fold out page of the whale and is intrigued by the wise Neverwozanocerous which they meet on the island. It’s on the long side for a picture book so i’d probably recommend for ages 4+

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