In A Minute Mama Bear by Rachel Bright

In A Minute Mama BearMost parents will be familiar with the sense of trepidation you feel when starting a busy day with a small child in tow. You know it’s *possible* that everything could go to plan, but realistically you’re going to be late for everything (if you even manage to get out of the door at all).

Such is the plight of Mama Bear who has a very long list of things she needs to achieve before the end of the day, starting with dance class and a trip to the supermarket.

Little Bella Bear has other ideas though. She wants to bounce on her bed. She wants to wear the red outfit and not the blue outfit. She wants to count the stairs slowly on her way down. She wants an elaborate breakfast (which she inevitably wouldn’t eat!). She doesn’t want to brush her teeth. She might want to use the potty though – but not until it’s time to leave, and not without reading at least 3 books whilst she ‘tries’.  Sound familiar?

After a few false starts they eventually leave the house, but when Mama spots Bella looking stressed out in the back of the car she decides to throw all of her plans out of the window and start afresh with a visit to the park. And so starts the perfect day!

Rachel Bright is a firm favourite in our house so I pre-ordered this one as soon as I was able and was very excited when it arrived. It’s the perfect reminder to us parents that sometimes we just need to slow down and let our little ones lead us to where they want to go (even if that means spending 45 minutes pretending to be a friendly crocodile in a swamp like I did this morning!!!)

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