Little Tigers by Jo Weaver

Little TigersThe majority of the books on our shelves feature cartoon creatures, loud colours and bouncy rhymes – because let’s face it, all kids love a fun story!  However at 3.5, Ivy seems to have reached a stage where she’s showing interest in books which require a little more thought (but still have lots of pictures).

This book is perfect for her as it works on two levels. The story itself is simple, but it encourages lots of questions about habitats and environmental issues.

The story follows two little tiger cubs and their mother as they move through the jungle trying to find a new home. Frightened by the sound of men and dogs the previous evening, mother tiger is determined to find somewhere safe before sundown.

The helpful cubs have lots of suggestions about where they could live, but they have’t quite grasped that different types of animals need different types of homes. They learn that although frogs live safely behind the waterfall, it’s a little too damp for tigers. Similarly, monkeys make their homes high up in the trees, but big cats need to sleep on the ground.

As they make the way through the jungle, it begins to dawn on them that finding a new home might not be as easy as they first thought. Through it all they are guided by their mother’s love, but will they have somewhere safe to rest their weary heads when nighttime comes?

I love that the beautiful illustrations makes the animals appear very natural and lifelike and the muted colour scheme perfectly matches the tone of the book.

Ivy really enjoys the story and it’s been a gentle way of introducing her to some bigger issues.

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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