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The Spots and the Dots
by Helen Baugh & Marion Deuchars

This is a very clever book which features two stories – the first one you read traditionally from the front cover, then you flip the book over to read the second story from the back cover. The two stories meet in the middle which makes for a very smart twist.

The Spots are little red dots who live at the bottom of a very steep hill. They live in little tent-like pods and they love to bounce around and have fun. However the Spots live in fear of the terrible Dots who are rumoured to live on the other side of the hill. From when they are babies, the Spots are taught by their parents that they must never go up to the top of the hill because the terrible Dots will take them away. The story is passed down through generations of Spots and the children play games of Spot vs Dot where they always come out on top.

Flip the book over and we see another little community, telling a story which is somewhat familiar…

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Songs For Our Sons
by Ruth Doyle & Ashling Lindsay

“So get ready for life, planet earth has been waiting, For the gift that is you and the hope you’re creating.”

Oh my goodness. Where do I start? Reading this book made my heart soar! Written in beautiful rhyme, it explores the joy a boy’s life can hold and encourages them to look to the future and the difference they can make to the world.

Will they be a showman, a sculptor, a nature explorer, a scientist? It doesn’t matter as long as they are always true to their own unique selves.

The message is loud and clear on every page – Embrace your emotions. Honour your heart. Never try to change yourself to suit others. Use words and ideas to solve life’s problems. Be kind. Don’t judge. Breathe.

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Badger’s Parting Gifts
by Susan Varley

Badger is old and he knows that he doesn’t have long left on this earth. He’s not afraid to die, but he is worried about how his friends will feel after he has gone. He prepares them by explaining that soon he will be going down the Long Tunnel and that he doesn’t want them to be sad.

Sure enough, one day Badger’s friends come to visit and discover that he has died. They understand that he has gone down the Long Tunnel and that he was not scared to do so, but still they are very sad that they will not see their friend again. As Autumn turns to Winter, the animals stay at home and mourn their loss.

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When Sadness Comes To Call by Eva Eland

When sadness Comes To CallWhen the little girl in this story hears a knock at her front door, she is surprised to find Sadness standing on her doorstep with a large suitcase. She lets hims in and he follows her around, sits too close to her on the sofa and refuses to go away.

Sadness consumes her to the extent that all she can feel is sad, even when those around her are playing happily.

Trying to hide Sadness away doesn’t work so she tries a different approach. She gives him a name and she asks him why he’s here. She listens to what he needs and they learn to work together. They sit in comfortable silence, they draw, they cuddle, they go for walks and they accept each other. 

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Ten Fat Sausages by Michelle Robinson & Tor Freeman

Ten Fat SausagesMost of you will be familiar with the old children’s counting song about ten sausages in a pan. The sausages in this book have obviously heard it too as they absolutely refuse to go POP or BANG!

Just like the song, the story starts with ten fat sausages sizzling in a pan and there is lots of counting – but that’s where the similarity ends. These sausages have minds of their own and they are on a mission to fight back! Some do unfortunately still go POP but the others manage to escape the pan and make a run for freedom. The problem is that the kitchen turns out to be way more dangerous than they anticipated!

Can they escape their fate or will they still end up as lunch?

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The Weaver by Qian Shi

The WeaverStanley the Spider finds the perfect spot for a new web and sets about weaving himself a home. When it’s finished he decorates it with lovely things which he has collected, like leaves and flowers, buttons and bottle tops. He’s very proud of his new creation but then the rain washes it away.

Stanley is very upset and tries to fix it but then the wind comes along and makes it worse. Just when he thinks all is lost he has an idea. Can he pull it off?

This is a beautifully illustrated book which teaches an importance message about resilience and dealing with loss. Nothing you love can ever truly be lost as you always carry it with you in your heart.

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Yoga Babies By Fearne Cotton & Sheena Dempsey

Yoga BabiesThis is a really cute little book about the calming power of yoga.

Beautifully illustrated, it shows lots of small children trying out different and fun yoga poses as part of their everyday lives. We particularly like the little girl in her messy playroom trying to do a bridge pose whilst her little brother tries to drive a car under her!

It’s designed to introduce you to baby yoga but works really well as a rhyming story book even if you have no interest in yoga.

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Not Now, Bernard By David McKee

Not Now, BernardWe love this rather dark tale about the perils of not giving your children your full attention. Ivy always laughs at the repetition of the titular phrase and the dark humour definitely appeals to me.

It tells the story of a little boy who finds a monster in his garden and tries to tell his parents but they’re too busy to pay any attention. He attempts to befriend the monster but instead gets gobbled up.

The monster then enters the house, eats the boy’s dinner, reads his comics, plays with his toys and even sleeps in his bed – and the parents don’t notice a thing!

Definitely a case for social services if this was real life!

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