How To Ride A Polar Bear By Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves

How To Ride A Polar BearWhen little Albie goes to the museum with his mum he is expecting the visit to be dull, dull, dull. However the arctic exhibition holds a lot more than just boring old exhibits!

Albie tries on a wintry outfit and is just about to start building an igloo out of blocks when BAM a snowflake falls on his nose, followed by a whole flurry of real snow. As Albie turns in confusion he sees a polar bear running towards him and realises he has magically entered an arctic world!

He befriends a little girl called Yura who is desperately trying to make her way home in the snow. Together they head off on an icy adventure featuring polar bears, an avalanche and some howling wolves. But will Albie be able to help Yura find her way home or will they be lost forever?

This is a fantastic adventure story which shows children that sometimes things don’t turn out entirely as you expect them to. If you think something isn’t for you then just give it a try and it may turn in to  whole new adventure!

The friendship which we see grow between Albie and Yura is really lovely. They are from different worlds but they work together and bring out the best in each other.

The illustrations add just the right level of adventure. The friends get themselves in to some perilous situations but the soft facial expressions and warm colours prevent the story from becoming frightening for more sensitive children. Ivy is a big fan of Tuka the polar bear and likes to point out the fact he has sharp teeth but a big smile!

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