Sonny Says Mine!
by Caryl Hart & Zachariah Ohora

When Sonny finds a pink bunny in the sandpit he is beyond excited. A new toy just for him! He gives it a snuggle and names it Bun-Bun. Sonny likes the bunny so much he is completely consumed by it. He feeds it sand, reads it a story and swings it around with joy.

However in his excitement Sonny has forgotten all about the friends he came to the park to see. Mid-game he looks up and sees his pals Honey and Suki walking towards him. Suki is crying because she has lost her favourite pink bunny – the exact same bunny that Sonny has been playing with. Sonny panics that his new toy will be taken away and quickly hides it under a bucket. He even lies when Honey asks him directly is he has seen it.

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Meet the Oceans
by Caryl Hart & Bethan Woollvin

Geography was never my favourite subject at school but if our textbooks had looked anything like this beauty from Caryl Hart and Bethan Woollvin then I suspect I may have paid more attention!

At the start of this gorgeous rhyming story we hop on board a submarine with a little girl and her dog. Together we embark on a journey to see the world’s oceans, but this is no ordinary tour as the guides are the waters themselves.

First we meet the Arctic Ocean, who smiles as she speaks of her pride at being the smallest. She shows us her narwhals, her beluga whales and the polar bears who inhabit her ice. Next is the choppy Atlantic who tells us about her underwater mountains and hidden caves. Our submarine glides past blue fin tuna in the Indian Ocean, sea snakes in the Coral Sea and millions of pieces of plastic in the Pacific.

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The World Made A Rainbow
by Michelle Robinson & Emily Hamilton

Well that was quite the year! Whilst i’m extremely happy to see the back of 2020,  the realist in me knows that the first few months of 2021 aren’t going to be much better. We live in a ‘high-risk’ area so Ivy won’t be returning to school next week as we had originally thought. She’s already missing her friends and is having to deal with so much change and uncertainty so i’m really sad for her.

As always, we turn to books in times of turmoil and this beauty by Michelle Robinson and Emily Hamilton is our current favourite. It follows a little girl in lockdown as she processes the fact she can’t see her friends and family.

The girl is feeling sad so her mum suggests they work on an art project together. They decide to create a rainbow to display in the window of their house, however the colours and materials trigger memories of the things that she misses. As her emotions threaten to overwhelm her, her parents pull together and turn the situation around.

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First Day at Bug School by Sam Lloyd

It’s the first day of bug school and the playground is full of tiny creatures nervously waving goodbye to their parents. They needn’t worry through, as Mrs. Bumblebee is there to steer them through their big day.

First comes registration then the bugs get stuck in to their classes, learning lots of interesting thngs which will help them grow in to confident little mini-beasts. The spiders learn all about human dangers (like water spouts, plug holes and vacuum cleaners), the crickets sing enthusiastically in music class and the ladybirds count each others spots in maths.

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Hop Little Bunnies by Martha Mumford & Laura Hughes

Hop Little BunniesIvy always gets excited when we receive parcels of books in the post but when we opened this one she was bouncing with joy as it combines two of her favourite things – the song ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ and lots and lots of little flaps to lift and explore.

Adapted from the popular nursery rhyme, this beautiful book starts with a group of very sleepy bunnies lazing on picnic blankets. You are invited to wake them up by lifting the flaps and then turn the page to see them all ‘hop hop hop’.

The group of bunnies then take a little walk through the countryside and find lots of other animals having a snooze, including lambs, chicks, kittens and ducklings. Your little one can wake them all up by lifting the flaps (or by yelling ‘WAAAAAAKE UUUUUUP’ as Ivy chose to do!) and watch them play together.

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We’re Going On An Elf Chase By Martha Mumford & Laura Hughes

We're Going On An Elf CHaseWe love this festive lift-the-flap book which will appeal to fans of the 80’s classic ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.

Join a group of bunnies, wrapped up warm in their winter woollies, as they head off on an adventure to find Santa’s elves. On the way they encounter sliding penguins, chirping robins, snoring polar bears and clippy cloppy reindeer.

The bunnies do an excellent job of manoeuvring around the obstacles in their path but they will need your child’s help to find all the elves, who are sneakily hidden away behind flaps on the pages.

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The Butterfly Dance By Suzanne Barton

The Butterfly DanceDotty and Stripe are caterpillars and they have been friends for as long as they can remember.  They love spending time together and having fun munching on leaves.

When they both transition in to butterflies they are excited to meet up and show off their new wigs. Dotty has beautiful blue wings with multicoloured dots and Stripe has striking red wings with lovely orange stripes.

They are very excited to fly off together in to their new lives but are shocked to discover that all of the grown up insects tend to stay with their own kind. The ladybirds stay with the ladybirds and the dragonflies stay with the dragonflies. The red butterflies all hang out by the thistles and the blue butterflies like to dance among the poppies.

What will this mean for Dotty and Stripe’s friendship? Will they have to say goodbye or can they still be best friends?

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Perfectly Norman By Tom Percival

Perfectly NormanNorman is a normal little boy – but then one day he grows a pair of wings.

He tests them out and enjoys them enormously but as he’s never seen any other little boys with wings he is worried about what other people will think. He hides them under a big coat so that no one can see them – but constantly wearing the coat means he can’t enjoy all of the fun things he did before, like swimming and playing in the sunshine.

He grows to hate his wings but then realises that the wings aren’t the problem, the coat is. Having to pretend that he’s someone he’s not  is making him miserable. Is he brave enough to set his wings free and show his true self to his friends and family?

This is a fantastic book for any child who is worried about being a little bit different to their peers. It shows how having the courage to just be yourself can open up a whole new world .

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2m0Y4Iu

Dress Up With Ted By Sophy Henn

Dress Up With TedThis is a really lovely ‘lift the flap’ book from Sophy Henn.

Join Ted as plays dress up with things he finds around the house. With a colander and a bin lid he becomes a knight. With a headscarf and a banana he becomes a jolly pirate.

Where else will his imagination take him?

The illustrations in this one are bold and gorgeous – and Ivy gets very excited lifting the flaps to see what Ted’s costume will be.

Buy it now: http://amzn.to/2Af0Y5Q