Ada Twist, Scientist
by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts

Ada Twist, ScientistLittle Ada drives her parents to distraction because she refuses to talk. Whilst all the children around her are starting to spout their first words, Ada just silently observes the world around her. Then she turns 3 and suddenly everything changes. She starts to talk and she just can’t stop. She wants to know why? when? where? how? and she needs the answers right now!

Ada’s endless need to question everything means that she is a perfect mini scientist. She devises experiments and builds hypotheses, trying to work out how everything she encounters works. This causes new problems for her parents however, as Ada pushes them to their limits with her constant questioning and tinkering.

One days she smells something horrible whilst playing in the garden and vows to track down the source. Can she puzzle it out? And how will her parents react when she starts experimenting on the cat and scribbling equations on the walls?

We love this one! The rhyming test is spot on and there’s lots of opportunity to play with your voice whilst reading it out loud, from Ada’s excited questioning to the quiet exasperation of her parents. The simple (but yet somehow still detailed) illustrations by David Roberts are delightful and Ivy loves spotting the cat who makes an appearance on most pages.

It’s fantastic to see a book about the joy of science which features a girl as the lead character and this one is so well put together that I can see it inspiring countless young girls to take an interest in STEM subjects from an early age – hopefully Ivy included!

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