Little Tiger

Jasper & Scruff
by Nicola Colton

It’s time for another chapter book review and this one had Ivy and I in fits of giggles!

Jasper likes to think of himself as cut above your average cat. He lives in a fancy apartment surrounded by books and fine art and his taste in bow ties is impeccable. Jasper has everything he needs except the ‘right’ kind of friends. He dreams of joining an elite group of felines called ‘The Sophisticats’ because members are invited to all the best parties and dine at the nicest restaurants in town.

He carefully crafts a letter inviting a select group of The Sophisticats to his home for dinner and is over the moon when they accept – but things don’t quite go to plan…

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Along Came A Fox
by Georgiana Deutsch & Call Johnson-Isaacs

It’s the perfect night for finding fireflies so Bramble the fox heads out on a little adventure to find some – but where are they hiding?

She joins forces with her friends, Hazel the hedgehog and Twig the owl, who suggest that she look near the lake. Bramble bounds off in to the darkness because foxes never get scared, but when she peers in to the deep pool she lets out an almighty ‘EEEEEK!’ and falls on her bottom. There is another fox in the water staring straight back out at her! Bramble is embarrassed. How dare this nasty fox catch her unawares and make her fall over! Soon she finds herself yelling at the water, telling the fox that he is very rude indeed – but the audacious creature keeps on echoing her replies.

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It’s Only One
by Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal

Sunnyville is a beautiful place to live. The residents are a friendly bunch and everything looks pristine – until one day Rhino drops a sweet wrapper on the floor and everything starts to spiral out of control.

“What? says Rhino “It’s only one…” – but of course it’s never as simple as that. Soon everyone in town thinks it’s ok to drop litter and the streets start to pile up with rubbish.

The mess makes Giraffe very unhappy so he picks a flower from the local park to brighten up his home. “What? says Giraffe “It’s only one… – but the town’s flower beds are quickly emptied as everyone picks ‘just one’ flower of their own.

Things go from bad to worse when Pigeon decides to play music in the park to cheer himself up. Yes – you’ve guessed it. Just one song!

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Goodnight World
by Nicola Edwards & Hannah Tolson

What’s your bedtime ritual with your child? Our routine is generally bathtime, pyjamas, milk, teeth, books and then bed although this sometimes gets shaken up a little if we’re away or one of us is ill. You may do something similar but equally your evenings may look very different to ours. ‘Goodnight World’ by Nicola Edwards and Hannah Tolson follows a group of children from around the world as they come to the end of their day.

The gentle rhyme guides us through the different things a child may do before going to sleep. We see a baby being rocked, a boy having a  bath and a group of children jostling around a sink brushing their teeth. We see siblings tidying up toys and snuggling up for a story, a child saying goodnight to an absent loved one on the phone and even a group in a tent, settling down to watch the stars.

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My Book of Feelings
by Nicola Edwards

Ivy and I were very excited when this board book landed on our doorstep as it has a built-in emoji spinner! Amusingly, I wasn’t allowed to even touch it for the first 15 minutes because Ivy wanted to play with it by herself, twirling the faces and looking at the pictures inside. Definitely the sign of a good read!

The toddler-friendly introduction explains that the expressions on our faces will often change to reflect our mood. By observing these changes we can tell how someone else may be feeling.

The emoji spinner features six faces, each representing a different emotion – happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, calmness and confusion. As we move through the book your child is presented with lots of scenarios and then invited to choose the face which they think best represents how they would feel. How do they feel when it rains? How do they feel when they dance? How about when they eat a tomato?

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My Friends And Me
by Stephanie Stansbie & Katy Halford

Ivy and I are big fans of this colourful picture book which celebrates different kinds of families and the bond between parent and child.

Jamie lives with his grandparents and he thinks they are the coolest grown-ups he knows. He has lots of friends and he loves the fact that each of them has a different family set up, because it makes playing with them so interesting.

Kate has two dads who take her for brunch. Harry has one mum who is ace at baking cakes and pretending to be a pirate. Olivia has two mums and three siblings. Lily’s parents are separated so she has two houses and even two bedrooms!

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I’m Sorry!
by Barry Timms & Sean Julian

Scribble and Swoop are the best of friends and they love spending time together, having fun and pursuing their hobbies. Scribble enjoys writing and performing plays, whilst Swoop likes to build things with scraps of wood.

When the pair decide to set up home together they are very excited. They unpack their belongings and then sit in in the shade on their beautiful new veranda. As they sit quietly in the cool breeze, they each have a thought. Scribble thinks that the veranda would be the perfect setting for his plays, whilst Swoop is dreaming of turning it in to a workshop.

The next morning there’s a terrible squabble as the two friends argue over how they should use the space. Shouting ensues and they each stomp off in a huff.

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A Little Bit Worried
by Ciara Gavin & Tim Warnes

Weasel is a worrier, so when he gets caught in a storm one day his anxiety levels go through the roof. The rain soaks him, the wind blows him over and just when he thinks he can’t take anymore the heavens open and it begins to hail. Weasel feels very small in comparison to the big storm so he decides to hide himself away.

He builds himself a little house out of stone and soon he feels a lot safer. As time passes Weasel gets more and more used to being at home by himself so he never ventures outdoors. It’s far too scary out there.

But then one day Mole appears and Weasel doesn’t know what to do. Mole wants to play hide and seek, drink tea and have fun. He doesn’t understand that this is Weasel’s fortress which keeps hims safe from the world.

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Like The Ocean We Rise
by Nicola Edwards & Sarah Wilkins

This mesemerising, rhyming picture book examines the devastating effect that climate change is having on our planet and asks childen to consider how they might be able to play their part in preserving our future.

In the Arctic, ice is melting. In Queensland, the coral reefs are being bleached white. In the rainforest, trees are being chopped down. In Uganda, the earth is parched from lack of rain. But what can we do? We are so small so how can one person’s actions possibly change the world?

The answer is to rise like the ocean. Each of us is just a raindrop but even raindrops cause a ripple when they land. With enough momentum, ripples can grow in to waves and waves can create real, lasting change.

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by Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal

Dog lives a happy but predictable life in a busy city. He runs a laundrette and takes great pride in washing and drying his customers’ clothes. He enjoys his days but secretly he dreams about visiting the ocean. He’d love to see the waves lapping on the shore but thinks this is impossible because the sea is so far away. Instead, he lives vicariously through characters in books and whittles small boats which he keeps around his home.

One day he discovers a new brand of washing powder called ‘Ocean Magic’. Hes very excited to try it – but the box contains a little more than he bargained for. When he gets the clothes out of the machine they smell like sea and sand but huddled inside them is a very dizzy and confused little crab!

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