Little Tiger

I’m Sorry!
by Barry Timms & Sean Julian

Scribble and Swoop are the best of friends and they love spending time together, having fun and pursuing their hobbies. Scribble enjoys writing and performing plays, whilst Swoop likes to build things with scraps of wood.

When the pair decide to set up home together they are very excited. They unpack their belongings and then sit in in the shade on their beautiful new veranda. As they sit quietly in the cool breeze, they each have a thought. Scribble thinks that the veranda would be the perfect setting for his plays, whilst Swoop is dreaming of turning it in to a workshop.

The next morning there’s a terrible squabble as the two friends argue over how they should use the space. Shouting ensues and they each stomp off in a huff.

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A Little Bit Worried
by Ciara Gavin & Tim Warnes

Weasel is a worrier, so when he gets caught in a storm one day his anxiety levels go through the roof. The rain soaks him, the wind blows him over and just when he thinks he can’t take anymore the heavens open and it begins to hail. Weasel feels very small in comparison to the big storm so he decides to hide himself away.

He builds himself a little house out of stone and soon he feels a lot safer. As time passes Weasel gets more and more used to being at home by himself so he never ventures outdoors. It’s far too scary out there.

But then one day Mole appears and Weasel doesn’t know what to do. Mole wants to play hide and seek, drink tea and have fun. He doesn’t understand that this is Weasel’s fortress which keeps hims safe from the world.

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Like The Ocean We Rise
by Nicola Edwards & Sarah Wilkins

This mesemerising, rhyming picture book examines the devastating effect that climate change is having on our planet and asks childen to consider how they might be able to play their part in preserving our future.

In the Arctic, ice is melting. In Queensland, the coral reefs are being bleached white. In the rainforest, trees are being chopped down. In Uganda, the earth is parched from lack of rain. But what can we do? We are so small so how can one person’s actions possibly change the world?

The answer is to rise like the ocean. Each of us is just a raindrop but even raindrops cause a ripple when they land. With enough momentum, ripples can grow in to waves and waves can create real, lasting change.

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by Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal

Dog lives a happy but predictable life in a busy city. He runs a laundrette and takes great pride in washing and drying his customers’ clothes. He enjoys his days but secretly he dreams about visiting the ocean. He’d love to see the waves lapping on the shore but thinks this is impossible because the sea is so far away. Instead, he lives vicariously through characters in books and whittles small boats which he keeps around his home.

One day he discovers a new brand of washing powder called ‘Ocean Magic’. Hes very excited to try it – but the box contains a little more than he bargained for. When he gets the clothes out of the machine they smell like sea and sand but huddled inside them is a very dizzy and confused little crab!

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Little Turtle and the Sea
by Becky Davies & Jennie Poh

As the rain beats down on a sandy beach, Little Turtle pushes her way up and out of her nest and gets her first view of the world. Instinctively she moves quickly towards the waves and soon she finds herself swimming in the ocean which will become her home.

As she grows and becomes more confident she marvels at the beauty she sees around her. The bright colours, glittering shoals of fish and reefs teeming with life all delight her senses and make her feel so happy to be alive. The ocean is her very best friend.

When Turtle matures she returns to the beach where she was born to release her own clutch of eggs on the sandy shore. She makes this journey many times and she loves the fact that each journey is different because her beautiful ocean is always changing, always offering something different for her to behold.

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Sisters by Harriet Evans & Andrés Landazábal

This gorgeous little hardback book celebrates the joy of having a sister.

The gentle rhyme takes us on a journey through siblinghood, highlighting all of the ups and downs. They may steal your toys, make you cry and drive you a little crazy at times but a sister will always be there for you through thick and thin. They will brighten you up on dark days, share your adventures and celebrate your successes.

The simple but heartwarming illustrations show siblings from different countries and cultures as they move through life together. It also references how friends can become like sisters because of all the experiences you have shared together.

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Don’t Mess With Duck!
by Becky Davies & Emma Levey

Duck likes nothing more than having some peace and quiet to kick back and relax, but the trouble is everyone around him is just so noisy! The other birds in his pond love to quack and flap around which makes Duck very grumpy indeed. One day, after being splashed in the face whilst trying to read his book, Duck grabs his suitcase and leaves.

He travels far and wide in search of the perfect peaceful home but everywhere he goes he is surrounded by noise. At one pond he finds a group of birds dancing around a stereo wearing sunglasses and in the next he finds himself surrounded by a duck choir in straw hats!

Exasperated, Duck travels further afield. He tries a city fountain, a mountain spring and a deep dark pool in a hidden cave but each and every one has very noisy occupants.

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The Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom
by Steve Smallman & Nick Schon

Have you ever wondered why some animals have really distinctive markings? Steve Smallman and Nick Schon think it might have something to do with a rather mischievous monkey…

Once upon a time all of the animals on land were a dull shade of beige, but the birds in the sky were bright and colourful. Monkey is a little bit jealous of their splendour so when he finds a paintbox he decides to have some fun. He waits until his friends are sleeping and then paints elaborate designs on their bodies.

He starts small, with some stripy snakes and bright green frogs, but soon he’s painting black stripes on zebras and big brown squares on giraffes. When he spots a big sleepy bear he decides to have some fun and draw some spectacles on him, but the Bear wakes with a start and soon all of the other animals are wide awake too.

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ABC of Kindness by Patricia Hegarty & Summer Macon

If you’re looking for a gift for a new baby, or a sweet bedtime read for a toddler then i’d like to draw your attention to the ABC of Kindness because it is utterly adorable!

The gentle rhyme takes us on a soothing trip through the alphabet, highlighting all the ways we can be kind to each other.  Whether it’s F for Forgiveness, P for Patience or U for Understanding, this sturdy little board book is the perfect way to introduce the concept of kindness from a very early age.

The book features a host of loveable animal characters and the illustrations exude warmth and comfort. Ivy’s favourite is the little elephant who pops up on multiple pages with a joyful smile on his face.

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Just Like You! by Jane Chapman

Piccolo is a tiny woolly mammoth who wants to grow up to be just like her Dad. She watches him topple trees so she can nibble the leaves and marvels as he ploughs through giant snowdrifts so that she has room to play. When she tries to copy him she gets very frustrated – she can’t wait until she is big and strong just like him.

One wintry day her Dad suggests that the two of them head off on a little adventure. Piccolo starts off bouncing with excitement but their journey turns out to be much longer than expected and soon her little legs are struggling. Despite her tiredness she doesn’t want to give up and when they arrive at their destination she discovers that her Dad has brought her to a very special place.

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